100,000 Downloads and Still Just Getting Started

100,000 Downloads and Still Just Getting Started

We passed 100,000 downloads this past weekend with Episode 12 and are still climbing. Thank you to all of our listeners and subscribers who keep coming back for new episodes. Considering we are only five months old and publishing a new show every other week, we couldn’t be more honored to have so many people tuning in.

We have some exciting things in the pipeline this year. 

We are currently developing free apps for all mobile platforms that will make it super easy to listen to the show and automatically receive new episodes as soon as they become available.

Our store will be up soon with Hats, T-Shirts and High Grade Vinyl Decals with more stuff to come. We are just finalizing the business end of it.

Later this year we are hoping to launch a membership area with access to exclusive content and a lot of other currently top secret perks that will make all of your non-member friends envious. When we blow up like Serial, you’ll be able to tell everyone you were listening to us way before it was cool.

Thanks for sticking with us, we are having a blast and promise to keep it interesting.

Scott & Forrest

invenimus arcana


photo: Kymberly Janisch licensed by CC


  1. ray hassan

    Good show. I’ve listened to almost all of the recorded podcasts on my tune in app on my phone and been enjoying the content. I especially liked the Amelia Earhart episodes. Fascinating stuff (I’ve never heard of the Siam scenario before), indeed. Anyways, love the theme song , but the sound effects are a little too much sometimes , and sometimes there’s a bit chattering that runs long before getting to the point

  2. Scott Philbrook

    Hi Ray!

    Thanks for listening! The sound effects are an evolving element of our show, but we are now quite happy with where they’re at. As for the chattering, that’s just who Forrest and I are.

    We’ve got some great shows coming up for 2015, stay tuned!

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