Episode 1: Hollywood Ending

Episode 2: Queen Mary & The Haunted Valentine

Episode 3: Greyfriars Kirkyard

Episode 4-5: Amelia Earhart


Episode 7: A Krampus Christmas

Episode 8: The Devil in the Diner

Demonology and Devil-lore
By Moncure Daniel Conway
Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels
By Marie D. Jones, Larry Flaxman

Episode 9: The Birds, The Psychic and Ollie the Crime-Fighting Dog

Episode 11: The Flirting Ghosts of Norway

Episode 10: The Cackowski Intruder

Dreamer's Dictionary
By Stearn Robinson, Tom Corbett

Episode 12: John Titor and Other Time Travelers

Episode 13: The Laughing Indian

Episode 14: What's Gotten Into You

Episode 15: Spring Heeled Jack

Episode 16: Are We Ever Alone?

Episode 17: Collections and Connections

The Princess Diarist
By Carrie Fisher
De Niro: A Life
By Shawn Levy

Episode 18-21: Oak Island Money Pit

Episode 22: The Fermi Paradox

Episode 23-24: The Dyatlov Pass

Episode 25: Kidnapped by Bigfoot: The Albert Ostman Story

Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us
By John Willison Green
The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story
By Greg Long, Kal K. Korff

Episode 26: Shadow people

Strange Intruders
By David Weatherly
The Black Eyed Children
By David Weatherly

Episode 27-29: The KGC an American Conspiracy

Episode 30: Kincaid's Cave in the Grand Canyon

Episode 31: Polybius Ultra

Episode 32: Lake Baikal

Episode 33-36: TAMAM Shud

Episode 37-38: The Delphos Ring

Episode 39-40: the sludge entity

Episode 41: the coral castle

Episode 42-44: the mary celeste

Episode 45-47: Skinwalker Ranch

Episode 48: Choose your own adventure

Episode 49: Monsters Among Us

Episode 50-54: Mothman

Episode 55: Astonishing TV 1

Episode 56: Unhappy Endings

Episode 57: Second Chances

John Glenn: A Memoir
By John Glenn, Nick Taylor
Lucky Man
By Greg Lake

Episode 58-60: The Count of Saint Germain

Episode 61: The Kecksburg Incident

Episode 62-63: The Nazi Bell

Episode 64: Electronic Fog

Episode 65-67(1): Flight 19

Episode 68-70: The sheriff and outlaw henry plummer

Episode 71: pere cheney: the town that disappeared

Episode 72: Richard Hatem

Episode 73: Orfeo Angelucci - Secret of the Saucers

Episode 74-75: The Jersey Devil - Prince of the Pine Barrens

The Jersey Devil
By Hunter Shea
The Jersey Devil
By James F McCloy, Ray Miller Jr.

Episode 76-78: the Devil and Anneliese Michel – Exorcism on Trial

Episode 79-80: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

Episode 82: THE HATEM FILES – CASE #1

Episode 83-84: Houska Castle: Gateway to Hell

Episode 85-86: The Bell Witch

Episode 87-89: Black Eyed Kids

Episode 90: Chasing melia Earhart with Chris Williamson

Episode 91-93: The Yeti

Episode 94-95:Immninent Disclosure?

Episode 96, 98, 99: Giants