Episode 14 is Posted – What’s Gotten Into You?

Episode 14 is Posted – What’s Gotten Into You?

An invasive species is technically defined as invasive once it’s usurped a pre-existing species. We’re thinking that after you’ve heard Episode 14 of our show, you’re going to want to redefine the term invasive. 

Check it out:  What’s Gotten Into You?


  1. Corinne

    I just discovered your podcast and have been binge-listening to past episodes. So I listened to this today and I have to tell you my own story. When I was about 24 I lived in an apartment on the beach in Alameda, CA. One morning I woke up just as an ant (small grease ant, some people call them sugar ants) crawled over the little bump in front of my right ear, and into my ear canal. The worst thing about this was that I could HEAR the ant walking on my ear drum, and it was like a drum pounding in there. I freaked out, of course. First I tried to get it out of my ear by VIOLENTLY banging my head onto my palm. That wasn’t working. Then I realized that bugs crawl UP. If I was tilting my head to the side to bang it into my hand, the ant was going to crawl further in. So next I went into the bathroom and dripped one drop of saline solution (from my contacts) into my ear, tilted the right ear towards the ceiling, and waited. I could ever so slowly feel the ant crawling up my ear canal and it was a real test to NOT jam my finger in my ear trying to get it. Finally I watched in the mirror as it crawled out over the edge, when i did kill it.

    Also, I have been terrified of earwigs crawling in my ear ever since that Star Trek episode! I live in PA, earwigs are rampant here. I discovered that diatomaceous earth laid across my door sills kill the earwigs (and stink bugs and all the other bugs that come in by crawling across the door sill) before they get into my house, and thus my bed, to crawl in my ear.

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