1) An 1861 painting of the “Mary Celeste,” when it was first known as the ship “Amazon,” artist unknown.  They probably should’ve stuck with “Amazon.”  2) Benjamin Spooner Briggs, the vanished captain of the ill-fated Mary Celeste.  3) A photo of the Mary Celeste. 4) An artist’s rendering of the crew of the Dei Gratia sighting her. 5) Chart showing the Mary Celeste’s course and the Dei Gratia’s course and where the Dei Gratia overtook her. 6) A photo of a phial (vial) of sewing machine oil from the 1870’s, possibly similar to the one found on Sarah’s sewing machine. 7 & 8) Posters for the Bela Lugosi horror movie based on the story of the Mary Celeste





The mysterious disappearance of ten souls would not be the last of the misfortune to befall the ill-fated Mary Celeste.  Insurance fraud, lost revenue, madness, and suicide would all become dreadful notches in the mast of her sad history, along with the premature deaths of three of her captains.  Whether you believe in curses or not, often the best insurance is to leave fate untempted.


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“The sea has never been friendly to man.  At most, it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.”

Joseph Conrad, novelist


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