Time traveler stories have abounded throughout history, but one of the most enduring ones of the past hundred years is the legend of John Titor, a man from the year 2038 who’s story of how time travel works proves to be plausible.


There are more than few recent stories of folks appearing out of town in old photos or even a Chaplin film and we will visit the most famous of them. Even the guy who found a wormhole while fixing his kitchen sink.

Map Shows the IBM Facility Where the IBM 5100 Was Developed


Interesting Facts:

There are many UNIX embedded systems that do not keep track of time as it is not relevant to their operation. These machines are not threatened by the Y2038 problem.

I was completely wrong about the pronunciation of IMGUR. I apologize to Forrest.

Imgur (pronounced /ˈɪməər/like image-er; imager[2] and stylized as imgur)


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