Forrest Burgess Co-Host

Forrest Burgess was born and raised in the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho region of the United States.  Although the general area lays claim to its fair share of Fortean legends and anomalies like Bigfoot, Ogopogo and the occasional UFO, he has experienced none of it… so far.  The more he has learned about the unusual, the more he has come to believe that nothing is impossible, although it can certainly be improbable.

Forrest wants to know what’s behind the curtain.  He wants to, respectfully, know the secrets of the universe, or at least what he’s allowed to know.  He wants to know what are the things that we can’t see, can’t know, or can’t understand; the mysteries of life forgotten by time and ignored by most.  How do these things happen, why do they happen and what is the purpose?  He would like to know why things that shouldn’t happen, happen.  Apart from that, there is no information available on him prior to 1998.