I Don’t Have or Like iTunes. What Other Ways Can I Listen?

iTunes is not for everyone. If you are one of those folks who can’t stand it, there are several other ways to listen to our show.

1) At our website, which in a lot of ways is one of the best places to listen because there is always extra supporting content there and a great blog.

2) Via the Stitcher app and website, which is a great podcast management app that has a particularly strong similar content recommendation algorithm.

3) Via the TuneIn app or website, which is another great podcast management app that works across multiple platforms as well.

4) Via Audioboom.com, where we have a whole channel dedicated to us that features all of our new postings as they go up.

5) Via pretty much any podcast aggregation app you can find on your iOS or Android device including but not limited to ‘Podcasts’, Podcast Addict, Podcatcher and others.