What possessed you guys to do this?

We’ve been friends a long time, and although it didn’t come up at first, sooner or later, we must have had that first conversation about Dyatlov Pass, Black Eyed Kids or some other story of equivalent mystery. After that, I think we were both amazed to have found someone with similar unusual interests, not just in Fortean events, but paranormal events, and mysteries of a wide variety across the passages of time. Eventually hanging out together evolved or devolved, depending on how you look at it, into long rambling discussions of every story imaginable, both of us not only having knowledge in common but having details that the other hadn’t heard.

As a former TV commercial editor with a passion for broadcasting and the skill set to put a podcast together or at least the ability to guess his way through it, Scott proposed to Forrest that they do their own show. The idea of a show restricted to just the paranormal was too limited, but it was hard for us to quantify all the other areas we wanted to cover, so we just went for it and here we are working through a file cabinet of over a thousand strange tales and interviewing people with stories of their own along the way.

Thanks for listening.