Ep 12: John Titor and Other Time Travelers




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Time traveler stories have abounded throughout history, but one of the most enduring ones of the past hundred years is the legend of John Titor, a man from the year 2038 who’s story of how time travel works proves to be plausible.

Background: There are more than few recent stories of folks appearing out of town in old photos or even a Chaplin film and we will visit the most famous of them. Even the guy who found a wormhole while fixing his kitchen sink.


Interesting Facts:

There are many UNIX embedded systems that do not keep track of time as it is not relevant to their operation. These machines are not threatened by the Y2038 problem.

I was completely wrong about the pronunciation of IMGUR. I apologize to Forrest.

Imgur (pronounced /ˈɪmədʒər/like image-er; imager[2] and stylized as imgur)



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