Ep 13: The Laughing Indian


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There are many different levels of torment that some ghosts seem to offer, but what could be worse than mocking?

Background: When our guest was 12 years old and home alone in upstate New York he experienced an encounter with something heard but not seen. Was it real? What would you have done? Listen to his tale and try to decide if you could have handled it differently.


Interesting Facts:

There is a Buddhist Monastery neighboring the Magic Meadow. The woods surrounding the meadow are filled with Buddhist shrines were many offerings are routinely made. For well over 100 years, people have been making journeys to the meadow to make offerings of all different kinds.


Episode 013 – ‘The Laughing Indian’ Produced by Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess, Ryan McCullough Sound Design Copyright Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess 2015, All Rights Reserved.

Photos: The Brugnoni House, copyright Astonishing Legends 2015 – All rights reserved, Satellite Image of the House from Google Maps, Map of the Lenape Tribes Area from Wikipedia, Magic Meadow Campfire from MacFarlane’s Angelfire Blog, Lapowinsa – Chief of the Lenape Public Domain, Mahican Chief Etow Oh Koam Public Domain