Ep 32: Lake Baikal


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What’s down there? Lost treasure? Legend has it. 20% of the world’s unfrozen freshwater sitting on 4.3 miles of sediment? Science confirms it. What about humanoid creatures almost 10 feet tall, wearing silvery suits with helmets out for a deepwater swim, who don’t care to be messed with? Well… yes — if you believe a report from the Soviet military. Unbelievable as this sounds, this story is only one of many frequently occurring reports of supernatural events at this magnificent body of water. Lake Baikal has a long history of being known as Russia’s hotspot for all manner of unexplainable anomalies, like UFO & USO sightings (Unidentified Submerged Object), glowing orbs, spirits, Bermuda Triangle-like phenomena, melted rings in the ice three miles wide which are seen from space, and of course, a lost race of amphibian giants. But what else would you expect from the oldest, deepest, and most voluminous lake on earth, known as “The Pearl of Siberia?”

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“It reflects like an optical instrument and responds to changes in the weather so sensitively that it seems like a part of the sky rather than of the land.”

Author Ian Frazier on Lake Baikal from his book, Travels in Siberia.

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1) A photo of two unidentified, fast-moving lights over Lake Baikal, taken while two nature photographers were out capturing the beauty of the lake. Photo credit: othereal.ru; 2) Sunset over Lake Baikal. Photo from the article on the Russian website, http://komanda-k.ru/ “Anomalies, mysteries and places of Lake Baikal.” 3) The Ice Caves of Borg-Dagan. Photo from komanda-k.ru; 4) The Turkinskaya turtle. Photo from komanda-k.ru; 5) The sun breaks through the clouds at Cape Ryty. Photo from komanda-k.ru; 6) Cape Khoboy, which in the indigenous Buryat Khoboy language translates to, “canine, molar tooth.” 7) Shaman Rock at Cape Burhan. Only a shaman of the local Buryat peoples would dare or be allowed to enter the sacred and mystical cave located here.