Ep 34: The Somerton Man Mystery, Part 2A


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1) Professor Derek Abbott of the University of Adelaide, Australia. Notice the stripes on his tie slant downward from left shoulder to right beltline, or “from heart to sword,” in the U.K. fashion. This is opposite of the tradition of ties manufactured in the U.S. and the opposite of the tie found on the Somerton Man, leading some to speculate that he may have been an American. 2) The famous ‘X Marks the Spot picture from years ago. 3) The same exact spot today. 4) That spot again, but looking south. 5) The same spot, looking straight northward on the beach towards Glenelg. 6) The funeral (featured in Part 1 as well) 7) John ‘Barb’ Dwyer 8) Sir John Burton Cleland 9) The Suitcase and it’s Contents 10) The Strathmore Hotel, where a strange man stayed just before TSM was found. 11) A portrait of how TSM might have actually looked 12) The Adelaide Museum where Paul Lawson worked (it’s had a facelift) 13) Neil Day, the deceased Jockey 14) The thread from the suitcase that matched the sewing repair on TSM’s clothes. 15) THE LAUNDRY MARKS 16) Looking for hairs in the bust of TSM 17) Alfred Boxall 18) Boxall’s copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam



As with any great mystery, it can turn some individuals into steadfast researchers and citizen detectives, dedicating years to a quest for answers. We were lucky enough to interview one such person, Professor Derek Abbott of the University of Adelaide in Australia. In addition to teaching Electrical Engineering at the University, Professor Abbott also has a background in Physics, biomedical engineering, complex systems, and probability theory, which can involve the fields of cryptography and forensics. He first became interested in the Somerton Man case around 1995, and then fully immersed himself in an effort to crack the cryptography aspect in 2007, even enlisting the aid of some of his students as a school project. In Part Two of our series, Professor Abbott gives us an overview of the story, then shares some of his findings and conclusions.

Tonight’s Quote:

“Yes, this man has someone to love him. He is known only to God.”

Captain E.J. Webb of the Salvation Army at The Somerton Man’s Funeral, as cited in Gerald Feltus’ book, The Unknown Man

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