Ep 37: The Delphos Ring


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1) Ronnie Johnson and Snowball his Dog from the Salina Journal 2) Diagram 1 from Ted Phillips’ Report on the Incident 3) Diagram 2 from Ted Phillips’ Report 4) Erma Johnson’s Polaroid Shot taken without a flash 10 minutes after the incident. 5) The Ring 16 hours later. 6) The Ring 42 Months Later 7) The Ring and Undetermined Amount of Time Later 8) A Color Photo of Ronnie and Snowball



When it comes to the paranormal, people always say they want proof. Well, on Friday, November 2nd, 1971, evidence of what many believe to be “proof” of an Unidentified Flying Object touching down on the Johnson family farm in Delphos, Kansas appeared on the ground and would remain for a very long time. A crusty “ring” in the dirt and damage to the adjacent flora was left behind after the Johnsons described seeing a strange, brightly lit and noisy hovering craft of some kind leaving their property and disappearing into the night sky. This ring and the broken branches apparently in the path of this object would exhibit forensic properties that were not entirely explainable. The incident is still considered one of the best instances of a Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind: “A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged.” Whatever it was that left whatever it left, we can be certain of this — Ron Johnson will always remember this 2nd of November.

Tonight’s Quote:

“Ronald Johnson doesn’t know what it was, but it rumbled, whistled like a jet or the high whine of tires on the freeway and shot into the sky and left a glowing ring behind on the ground.”

— Page 2 of the Salina Journal, Friday, the 5th of November, 1971

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