Ep 41: The Coral Castle


Photo Gallery:


1) Chad Lewis’ original artwork, Ed Leedskalnin at The Coral Castle, or as he called it, Rock Gate 2) Ed’s Immigration Paperwork 3) A postcard inviting visitors to the Castle 4) Ed stands next to the inscription with dates 5) Ed holds a copy of ‘A Book in Every Home’ 6) Ed with a primitive ‘winch’ he used to build the castle 7) A nail in the coral 8) Ed in his later years 9) Ed sits in the park 10) Ed in the crescent chair 11) Ed in his workshop, hand on his ‘perpetual motion machine’ 12) Bathing Beauties used to attract visitors after Ed’s death. 13) Hermine Lusis, Ed’s believed fiancé that he could not afford the dowry for ALL REMAINING PHOTOS COURTESY OF ARC MEMBER MARISSA BALL WHO LIVES JUST 20 MINUTES FROM THE CASTLE. THEY WERE TAKEN 2 DAYS PRIOR TO POSTING. 14) Entrance to Park 15) Coral with Hole 16) The Florida Table where Ed Dreamed Dignitaries might discuss business 17) Fossils and the Monkey Face 18 and 19) Freemason Square and only Latvian Symbol in the Park 20) The Heart Table dubbed by Ripley’s as the Heaviest Valentine in the World 21) Date Inscriptions 22) Leaf Spring Scoring Marks. Ed hammered leaf springs in to quarry the stone. 23) The Entrance to Ed’s Living Quarters 24) Moon Pond 25) More 6 Pointed Stars 26) A nail in the coral 27) The telescope that when viewed from Ed’s Quarters pointed to the North Star 28) The Star Obelisk 29) Planets from The Throne Room 30 and 31) Repentance Corner 32) The 9 Ton Revolving Door 33) Rusting Cables 34) Shells in the Coral 35) The Throne room with ARC Member and Photographer Marissa Ball 36-42) Ed’s Workshop 43) The Entrance to Ed’s Workshop 44) A Map of the Park



Is it just a quirky rock sculpture garden, or a megalithic mystery that baffles engineers and scientists to this day? It seems to be both. How was a diminutive man in ill health able to accomplish such a monumental feat all by himself? Ed Leedskalnin, builder of the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida would never say and he took the answer with him. We know of a few reasons why he made The Coral Castle his life’s work, but as for how he made it, we may never know.

Tonight’s Quote:

“I know how the Pyramids were built.”

— Ed Leedskalnin, Builder of the Coral Castle

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