Ep 67-1: BONUS – Flight 19 and Remote Viewing



Despite what you may see in today's eye-catching, "Clickbait" internet headlines, so few mysteries are ever really "Solved!"  But what if we could get an image, an impression, a hint of a location even, some kind of clue as to what happened with some of the great mysteries of our world?  There might be a way.  We were fortunate enough to interview Remote Viewing instructor Lori Williams and one of her most gifted Viewers, Jed Bendix, who had some interesting insights into the last moments and possible final destination of Flight 19.  Of course, there are those who may scoff at Remote Viewing, relegating it to the outbox of the impossible along with anything associated with ESP, but the CIA and US Military didn't, spending 20 million dollars over 20 years to research and develop the technique.  No one may fully know why Remote Viewing works, but it's hard not to be astounded with some of the methodology's results.  In the end, however, for some, it doesn't matter what results are obtained if one doesn't believe the method to obtain them is possible.

By Michael Crichton

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