Ep 124: The Sallie House – Ghost in the Machine Part 2


“We have seen the Sallie House... and it has seen us.”

– Scott Philbrook



508 N. 2nd Street, the address of what’s become known as the notoriously haunted “Sallie House,” the most haunted house in the city of Atchison, in the most haunted city in Kansas, and possibly the most haunted town in the United States.



Belief is a very personal thing. Challenging beliefs can lead to war amongst nations or a war within one's self. Having to reconsider what we believe about our spirituality or lack thereof, can be a very disquieting exercise but often a fruitful one as it leads to growth. But what obligation does the believer have to convince the non-believer of their story? Does it matter if the believer doesn't care what you think? In a way, our egos and skepticism protect us from feeling the discomfort when considering the impossible, because if the impossible is possible and we're not in control of our world, then who, or what is? If an experience like what you might find at the Sallie House can change your beliefs and thus change who you are as a person, how would you handle it? If one day you're challenged to stand up for your beliefs, what will you do then?


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Posted here by permission from the authors, Sean M. Daley and Ryan Goeckner, all rights reserved.


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