Ep 132: The Betz Sphere Part 3


“And all of a sudden a man grabbed her from behind around the neck. She fell off of the ottoman that she was sitting on and dropped the phone. She was screaming into the phone, "They're trying to get me! They're trying to get me!" – Paraphrased from our interview with a Betz family member, recounting an attack on Gerri Betz during the fervor surrounding the Betz Sphere.


Location: Near Fort George Island, Florida

The approximate location where the Sphere was originally found in 1974. Note: the area in 1974 was largely unpopulated and undeveloped and has since seen significant growth.



For something that many would claim was just a misplaced piece of industrial equipment, the Betz Sphere attracted a lot of serious attention, some official, some dubious and some a bit of both. Despite the initial vague or dismissive statements from the US Navy and noted scientists such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek that were reported by the news media, they were determined to continue seeking answers from it. The interest didn't stop with our government either, as mysterious foreign agents had shown up and expressed a keen interest in obtaining the orb. Subterfuge, manipulation both social and scientific, a disproportionate offer of a large sum of money, and even a possibly related assault all seem like a lot of effort to obtain an old discarded valve ball.


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