Ep 97 – BONUS Ep 1: Interview with Dr. Chris Cogswell, Ph.D.

“Was the ground indented, or just showing dead grass and a glowing ring?  Did it seem charred and brittle, or was it more impacted, showing the difference between a combustion engine and something just sitting there?  CAN I GET A SOIL SAMPLE?!"
Dr. Chris Cogswell, from the Astonishing Research Corps’ Delphos Ring Investigation, May 2016

Dr. Chris Cogswell, Ph.D.  Host of his own show   The Mad Scientist Podcast   and newly minted  Director of Research  for  MUFON .

Dr. Chris Cogswell, Ph.D.  Host of his own show The Mad Scientist Podcast and newly minted Director of Research for MUFON.


LOCATION: Rumored location of Dr. Chris Cogswell's secret lair, where all manner of mind-blowing scientific experiments are conducted.  Maybe.  SCIENCE!!



Please join us for a special, commercial-free BONUS episode featuring an interview with senior Astonishing Legends Research Corps member, Chemical Engineer and newly appointed Director of Research for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, Dr. Chris Cogswell, Ph.D.  We originally interviewed Chris for our of Imminent Disclosure? Part 2 episode, but felt this congratulatory announcement and interesting discussion deserved its own segment.  Chris explains how MUFON operates, what its aims are, and how through solid, scientific methodology they may continue and deepen this quest to find the truth behind the strangeness many of us are seeing in our skies.  If you're interested in joining this adventure, you can use the Coupon Code JOIN25 to receive 25% OFF a One Year Basic Level Membership worth $60.  If you're a scientist or academic researcher, contact Chris at to discuss collaborating with them with a Full Access Membership.  Not only is Chris trying to help find the "Truth Out There," but he has his own show called the Mad Scientist Podcast along with his co-host and ARC "O.G." Marie Mayhew. 


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Not only is Chris an "O.G." member of our Astonishing Legends Research Corps, or A.R.C., he has his own show called The Mad Scientist Podcast.  "Doc Cogs" as he is sometimes known, and his co-host A.R.C. Field Marshal Marie Mayhew use scientific, analytical thinking, humor, and sometimes a little peppery language to explore fascinating topics you've always wondered about and many you've never even heard about!  SCIENCE!!  Click here to find the show on iTunes or go to or search anywhere you get your podcasts to join in the fun!


The Dark Myths Collective  Like us, Chris and The Mad Scientist Podcast are members of the Dark Myths Collective of outstanding podcasts.  Check them out today!



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