Loch Ness' Hidden Crevices

Has a Scottish former fishermen finally found Nessie's long-searched for home? He thinks so. Link

Keith Stewart's discovery raises more questions than it answers. may also raise questions about how deep world famous Loch Ness really is.

Loch Ness is considered the UK's second deepest lake at 813 feet deep.  However, Stewart has discovered a crevice about 9 miles east of Inverness and he has measured it with state of the art sonar equipment at 889 feet.

One of the biggest reasons this is of such importance to the Nessie community is because of the local legends of underwater caves that connect Loch Ness to other lochs, which explains why Nessie has been so elusive.

Special thanks to listener Brandon Padgett for suggesting this topic!

Picture taken by Flickr user Dave Conner and is licensed under Creative Commons.