15 Years old and scaring the hell out of people already.

Meet Theodore-Holmstead Scott, only 15 years old and obsessed, in a non-serial killer way, with horror films, prop-making and even fabricating fantastic frightening stories like the one making the viral rounds on the web about the man who bought a ranch and found a scarecrow made of human remains on the land. This kid is awesome and his work is amazing. We've got a future master of horror on our hands for sure. As a former man in the trenches of advertising, it tickles me that this guy has already done what hundred million dollar ad agencies are trying to do regularly these days by creating viral media in his spare time. He could have built the props for True Detective. A resident of New Zealand, we're surprised Peter Jackson didn't ferret him out during his umpteen billion shoots there.

His website seems to have been dormant for a while. Here's hoping he's just busy shooting his first feature.

In the studio on Episode 6 tonight, some lighter fare after Earhart, with Marc D'Andre returning for a Red Carpet Tour of one of the best kept cemetery secrets in Los Angeles.