Are UFO reports 10,000 Years Old?

10,000 year old rock paintings have been found in Chhatisgarh and depict aliens and UFOs. link 

The state department of archaeology and culture plans is reaching out for help from Nasa and Isro for research on the recently discovered rock paintings.

According to the archaeologist JR Bhagat, the paintings depict aliens resembling those shown in movies. Bhagat told Times of India, "The findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers".

Locals in the area have their own ideas. While a select few worship the paintings directly, others tell grand stories in an oral tradition passed down from their ancestors about the "rohela people". These people are said to have landed from the sky in a round shaped flying object and take away 1-2people in the village and never returned.

The paintings are done in natural colors that, despite the many years, have yet to fade and some even appear quite vibrant.

The figures can be seen holding items that appear like weapons and lack any clear or distinct features. Interestingly enough, the nose and mouth are missing. In a few pictures it appears some of them are wearing space suits.

Other archaeologists are currently being consulted for further verification.


The above picture is not related to the story and was taken by Flickr User Jose Luis Hidalgo R and is licensed under Creative Commons.