Argentine Alien Festival Held at UFO Sighting Site Hotspot

In Capilla Del Monte, Argentina thousands of earth-bound vessels, I mean humans, have gathered for the annual international alien festival that has made the town a hotspot for UFO activity and sightings. link

The weekened-long festival includes a parade of neon lights, Star Wars characters, alien costumes, and pop-up shops bursting at the seams with alien paraphernalia.

However, it's not just fun and games. Many also attended workshops on everything and anything extraterrestial held near a local hill that is the site of a UFO sighting 30 years ago.

This is the fourth year of the festival, but some of the locals are concerned. Luz Mary Lopez says, "The festival is fun, but it can also generate a lack of seriousness toward the issue". Lopez is the head of the UFO Investigation Center in Capilla del Monte. It seems it can get a little too E.T friendly and the grounds of the UFO sighting is often met with a lack of respect.

This hill is known as "Uritorco hill" and is often called "Magic Mountain". It is considered a special source of energy, largely credited to the UFO sightings. Some even believe it is a door to another dimension.

This photo is from Flickr User Jonas Bengtsson and is licensed under Creative Commons.