Enjoy post-turkey convalescing with Amelia Earhart Part 2!

Yes it's a holiday in the States, but we're still gonna deliver, and on top of that get ready for a conclusion to Part 1 of Amelia Earhart that is bigger than that turkey your Uncle Jack stuffed into the fryer shortly before burning himself and having to go to the hospital. End of day tomorrow we will post a TWO HOUR conclusion to Amelia's disappearance. Those of you asking us to to do a show every week can just pause this show halfway through and save the 2nd half for next week right? We didn't intend it to be so long, but condensing a 70 year old mystery with a combined total of 120 years of separate research going into multiple hypotheses down to just two hours has made us feel like a few shots of Whiskey may be in order.

If you're subscribed to our feed in iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn, you'll see it when it goes up and if not, look for it in the iTunes store Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Scott, Forrest & Ryan