Is There Such a Thing as a Welcome Ghost

Link to original article  Is there a world where ghost children aren’t terrifying? Well, defying all belief lies the zashikiwarashi lore in Japan. The zashikiwarashi, otherwise known as a child ghost, are supposed to bring good luck to all who see them. The living inhabitants of the house often welcome zashikiwarashi, as they typically bring good fortune, despite being a little mischievous.

A lucky homeowner, Mashairo, from Japan caught one of his little houseguests on Facebook and the viewcount has already surpassed a half a million views.

The video shows the front room of Mashario’s home and an eerily translucent child-like figure cross the room from one end to the other.

Many have doubts about the video, for example, the camera angle seems a bit strange and unnatural, the high “quality” of the potential ghost, and the strange music playing in the background all contribute to the skepticism of this strange video. But, it is an interesting clip nonetheless.

Whatever you may believe, give the video a look because, like the lore says, you may just get lucky.