Scott Philbrook Co-Host

Scott Philbrook was born near Death Valley, California where his dad worked on top secret wing weapons for the A-6 Intruder and the F-4D Phantom at China Lake Naval Base. He’s always had a fascination with the unexplained and takes great pleasure in discussing it at length with his long time friend Forrest, who’s mind is a repository of seemingly trivial information that might save your life in the event of the apocalypse. Scott doesn’t believe the end is near, but he does drive a Land Rover that can be ready to bug out in twenty minutes and provide safe habitat for his family for several weeks without resupply. While Scott takes a skeptical approach to the mysteries of this life, he thinks mankind has only just scratched the surface of understanding the universe and is humbled by what he feels we all don’t know.

Forrest Burgess

Forrest Burgess Co-Host


Forrest Burgess was born and raised in the Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho region of the United States. Although the general area lays claim to its fair share of Fortean legends and anomalies like Bigfoot, Ogopogo and the occasional UFO, he has…

Marc D’Andre Correspondent

Correspondent at Large

Marc hails from Northern California. He grew up on the harsh streets of a town called Pleasant Hill, where as a teenager he worked at a video store frequented by a Manson Family member. Pleasant Hill was tougher than it sounds...ok, maybe it wasn't.…

Tess Pfeifle

Tess Pfeifle Reasearch Department

Research Dept.

Tess is a native Delawarean and current D.C transplant hell-bent on experiencing life, and all of its quirks, to the fullest. You can often find her in a library or local coffee shop with a book in her hand and, more…

Ryan McCullough

Ryan McCullough Sound Design

Sound Design

Ryan McCullough was born in Tennessee but has spent most of his adult life bouncing around to all four corners of the United States, playing music, and learning all about the local myths and legends that make up the surrounding…