Ep 63: The Nazi Bell, Part 2

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The mystery of “The Nazi Bell” or “Die Glocke” is only surpassed by its reported potential.  The Germans had the knowledge to build an atomic weapon in Otto Hahn, the chemist who first split the uranium nucleus in 1938.  The next year the Nazis had control of Europe’s only source of uranium ore when they acquired the mine at Joachimsthal while invading the rest of Czechoslovakia.  But was The Bell a device to aid them in enriching uranium-238?  Many researchers of The Bell believe it was it’s own research project and given an even higher Top Secret classification than their atomic weapons program.  When Germany surrendered in 1945, it was evident they were not able to bring their atomic weapon development to a successful conclusion, but was this because they were much more focused on creating a machine that would be a far greater solution to their goal of world domination, and did they fully know what they were dealing with?  The glimpse inside Pandora’s Box is always both wondrous and deadly.  Of the many questions surrounding The Bell, the two most important remain: If it exists today, where is it?  And if it’s still being researched, could it, like uranium, change the world as we know it?


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