Ep 52: Mothman (Part 3)


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1 ) An original depiction of the elderly man encountering the Mothman from Part 2 of the series custom created for Astonishing Legends by Chad Lewis. All rights reserved. Other images associated with the series have already been posted. There will be some new images with Part 4 – The Theories



At 5:00 p.m. on December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge which connected Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and Gallipolis, Ohio, collapsed. Being rush hour in mid-December, the bridge was full of commuters on their way home from work and holiday shopping trips. The collapse sent 32 vehicles into the frigid waters of the Ohio river and 46 people lost their lives, with 2 bodies never to be found. The cause was as prosaic and understandable as it was tragic – a minute defect causing stress corrosion in a suspension eye-bar. However, what we may never understand is a connection some claim between the collapse and the first sightings of the Mothman, widely thought to be 13 months previously, to the day. Was there a warning that no one could comprehend? Even if a warning could be interpreted by someone who was starting to put all these strange puzzle pieces together, would their findings even be believed? Could this tragedy have been prevented, or was it inevitable? It might behoove us all to start taking notice, as correlations to sightings of bizarre creatures and catastrophes around the world continue to this day.

Tonight’s Quote:

They’ve done it again. Those lousy bastards have done it again. They knew this was going to happen…and when. And they gave me all that bilge about a power failure. They knew. They just didn’t want me to be able to warn anyone.

— John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies

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