The Kiyotaki Tunnel

One of the most haunted locations in Japan isn’t a house or a graveyard or anything you’d expect, it’s a Tunnel. Specifically, the Kiyotaki Tunnel. The Kiyotaki Tunnel is a single-lane route that connects northern Arashiyama to the town of Sagakiyotaki. The tunnel is brimming with ghosts, bad luck, cautionary tales, and paranormal activity.

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The Kiyotaki Tunnel began as a part of the Atagoyama Railway and was built in 1927, completed in 1928. It is roughly 1,640 feet. The notorious element of the tunnel began almost immediately. It is rumored that the tunnel was originally constructed with slaves and there were a number of fatalities during the building process. None of these deaths seem supernatural and largely due to the difficult working conditions that were typical of railway building. However, now it is said that these poor souls roam the tunnel. Another theory for what causes the strange occurrences at Kiyotaki is that it was cursed by an ancient man who died in battle and cursed the ground.

The tunnel was active through 1944 carrying people to Arashiyama, Kiyotaki, Kiyotakigawa, and Ataga, which made it an essential part of the railroad. In fact, it was one of the most important stops for those making pilgrimages to the Atago-jinja Shrine. It has not been abandoned, but it has been repurposed. Currently, the tunnel has been incorporated into the road system in the area. 

The occurences in the tunnel are quite varied. Some people say that when they enter the tunnel, a ghostly apparition appears in their car while they pass through the tunnel only to vanish when they exit the tunnel. Others have heard voices, screams, and muttering while passing through. Some who enter the tunnel do not experience anything paranormal at first glance they do complain of dizziness, nausea, and headaches. The hauntings are said to occur largely at night and many people urge against visiting at night unless completely necessary.  Some of the constant full body apparitions include something familiar to Legenders - a roadside woman, often described as wearing white. Others report seeing handprints on the hoods of their car after passing through the tunnel, despite not being there when they entered. 

One thing unique (and a bit hard to do while driving) to the tunnel is to avoid looking at any mirrors. Whether they’re in your car, outside of your car, on the road, or anywhere else. Why? It is said that even if you glance at one for only a second you’ll see a spirit and meet an undeniably dark fate - you’ll see yourself as a dead person and will die in a few days.


The above image is from sugoiinipponnews