The Ancient Ram Inn

In a country full of haunted Inns, the Ancient Ram Inn stands above as Britain’s most haunted house. Despite the stiff competition many agree that, as far as inns go, the Ancient Ram Inn holds the title of most haunted thanks to its long and disturbing past of murder, satanic worship, horrible crimes, hauntings, and witchcraft. The former Bishop of Gloucester, where the inn is located, said that the Ancient Ram was “the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit.”

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To begin discussing the Ancient Ram Inn and its all strange inhabitants both past, present, and long gone we must begin with its location. The Inn was first built in 1145 on the intersection of two ley lines (though it impossible to tell if this was purposeful or not). If one traces these ley lines you’ll pass squarely through the center of Stonehenge, which makes this British Inn seem all the more powerful. It is also purported that the Inn is built on-top of an ancient “Pagan burial ground” although that claim is a bit more difficult to prove. Nevertheless, when construction finished in 1145 it was primarily used by priests to house workers and slaves who helped build the impressive St. Mary Church. Furthermore, in later years when water had to be redirected on the Inn’s property a portal for dark energy opened up and has been spewing forth nasty entities ever since.

One of the most infamous permanent residences at the Ancient Ram Inn is a witch from the 15th century who made a room home for a number of months. Before she could leave the Inn, she was found out and turned into authorities. Despite attempting to dodge the stake she was discovered and taken out to the front of the Inn and burned at the stake. Her spirit remains angry to this day, and those who visit her suspected chambers often leave with scratches or burns. Others report smelling smoke or even burning flesh. When Ghost Adventures visited the Ancient Ram Inn they caught an EVP of who they believe is the alleged witch saying “I’m Special” in a distinct southern English accent.

John Humphries, who owned the Inn for a number of decades, said before his death again and again that the Bishop’s Room was the most haunted part of an already very haunted Inn. It is said to be home to an astonishing nine different entities. The most popular among these apparitions are a long-dead bouncer and his dog standing guard at the door, a man in a hooded robe believed to be a monk, and a woman hanging from the ceiling. Visitors often report inexplicable mist, orbs, and light as inhabiting this room, forming before their very eyes.

The Humphries family, who have owned the Inn for quite some time, have discovered scads of demonic and pagan artifacts both inside and on the property of the Inn. For example, they found the hoof of a goat encased behind the chimney, mummified animals, ritualistic daggers, and dozens of jars filed with unidentified liquids and objects. John Humphries, the patriarch of the family, bought the Inn in 1968 and has reported paranormal experiences up until his death, including a succubus that lived within the Inn and often tormented visitors and made them incredibly uncomfortable.

According to the Bohemian Blog, who visited the Inn while John was still living, John told the story of discovering a child-sacerfice below the Inn. “That’s where they found the little children’s bones,” John told us. He was referring to a group of ghost-hunters from nearby Swindon, who in June 1997 were given permission to tear up parts of the concrete floor while searching for the entrance to a sealed cellar. Instead, they found a grave – containing the remains of a woman and child, buried along with broken iron shards. The pieces were analysed by Bristol Museum, who conceded that the signs may point to ritual sacrifice using an iron dagger. The ghost hunters, meanwhile, suffered a car crash on their way back home. Coincidence? John thinks not.”

It is said that locals respect the Inn but do not wish to go near it and go as far as crossing the street rather than walk past the Ancient Ram Inn at night.

The above image is of the Ancient Ram Inn taken by Brian Robert Marshall and liscensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0.