An Adventurous Mummy

Manfred Fritz Bajorat's body, missing since 2009, has finally been found in a yacht off the coast of the Philippines. It is not unclear just how long Bajorat's body has been at sea, but it is estimated to be years. link

His body was discovered by two fishermen who stumbled upon the boat in late February. They noted that the mast had been broken and much of the cabin was underwater.

Bajorat's corpse was near the radio and telephone. He may have been attempting to make a mayday call, but that is just speculation. However, one thing is for sure: he's been mummified. Or, well, naturally mummified. The dry ocean winds, warm temperatures, and salty air have worked to do this.

Police are now working to retrace his last voyage(s) and reach out to anyone who may have known him.


The above image is unrelated to the story and is from Flickr User Ierdnall it is licensed under Creative Commons.