Are 'Other' Humans Still out There?

An ancient species of human, originally from China was thought to be long extinct, like  most other species of humans. However, new research has led to belief that it is likely this species survived until at least the last Ice Age 14,000 years ago. link

More specifically, they were known as 'Red Deer People' and they lived in the same time period as Homo floresiensis (also known as Hobbit Humans), a group known to have originated from Indonesia. Homo floresiensis, overlapped for many years with Homo sapiens. Thus, it is possible, however strange, that a human not in our species (homo sapiens) could still exist today.

Darren Curnoe, an associate professor from The University of New South Wales, recently  co-led the new study of the Red Deer Cave people fossils. He recently told Discovery News, "New species are being found all of the time by scientists, but with a large-bodied species like humans, you would think it would be difficult to miss, that someone would have reported it or a scientist found it somewhere (already)," added Curnoe. "My guess is if any did exist -- and I'm doubtful -- it would be in a remote place like Siberia, but some very grandiose claims have been made about Yetis and other creatures being Neanderthals surviving today in places like Siberia."

This picture is unrelated to the story and was taken by Flickr user Jussi Svlfier  it is licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.