Class B UFO vs. Ball Lighting

So, in a Class B UFO Sighting vs Rare Ball Lightning sighting, there really isn't a loser. Either we have some more proof of extra terrestrial life, or nature just did a totally awesome thing. So, this is kind of a win-win situation. There was a purported alien UFO sighting in Canberra, Australia. However, skeptics say the bizarre light was simply a burst of ball Lightning.


The video footage begins with a wide-angle shot of twinkling city lights while the sky above becomes brighter and brighter. This brightness is followed by a low frequency sound and a flash of circular light that hovers for a few seconds before completely disappearing.

Those that believe it was the aliens claims it was "a craft exiting portal" and that he observed "a flying saucer open up and enter a portal". Another UFO theorist claims that the light show was evidence of a Class B sighting and that the formation was "typical hyperdrive residue".

On the other side are the skeptics who believe ball lighting is the cause for this strange light show. Ball lightning is a big flash of light that looks circular and appears during a storm, it sometimes has a blue glow.

Either way, something really cool happened in the sky over Canberra, Australia on January 5th.


This pictures comes from Pixabay user TPSDave and is licensed under Creative Commons. It is not affiliated with the above story.