Did Supertramp Reveal Freemasons Knew About 9/11?

Astonishing Legends in no way supports the idea that 9/11 is a conspiracy, however, who doesn't like to read about a crazy conspiracy based on the album "Breakfast in America" by Supertramp. link

According to the video found on a David Icke conspiracy forum, the Supertramp financier was a mason and used the cover art of the best-selling "Breakfast in America" to reveal details about the upcoming, "planned", event against the world trade center.

The video suggests that the now iconic album cover uses "predictive programming". Predictive programming is a notion that our overlords embed certain messages into pop culture as a way to psychologically prepare the population for certain events. Apparently, Breakfast in America was an attempt to prepare citizens for an event over two decades in the future.

The evidence? The cover depicts NYC through the POV of an airplane. A waitress holds a glass of OJ over the center of the World Trade Center. Now, you may be wondering why she doesn't carry coffee or a milkshake or a stack of pancakes. Well, that's easily explained - she HAS to be carrying OJ to represent the fireball that would tear through the buildings on 9/11. But, that's not all - there's some typographical evidence as well! If you hold a mirror up to the record, the U and P from "Supertramp" resemble the numbers 911. Not to mention that the attacks happened during breakfast time.