Modern Day Ghost Ships in Japan

Link to Original Article The Mary Celeste and The Flying Dutchman often conjure up ghostly images of eerie ships adrift on wine dark seas. However, the mysterious far-off wonder of ghost ships is getting a little too real.


A new mystery is brewing on Japan’s shores. Beginning in October, and continuing into November, over ten wooden boats have been found adrift. These boats have been full of cargo and, unfortunately, corpses. According to Japan’s coast guard, there have been over twenty bodies found.


But these bodies are not simply the typical remains. Some of the bodies were “partially skeletonized” and two were found with the head completely missing. Additionally, one boat strangely contained six skulls.


What’s even strange is the coast guard has yet to find out what happened to those on board, and where they came from. Currently, they believe they are from North Korean due to the hull of a boat, containing ten decomposing bodies, had writing that said “Korean People’s Army”. The hints continue with another boat containing a tattered scrap of cloth that appears to be part of the North Korean flag. Another theory is that they are fishing boats that have strayed off course.


However, nothing is really known about those aboard, nor how and why they perished. Speculation remains the only link between the dead abroad the ships and the living that continue to pace out this mystery.


*this picture does not depict any of the ships found in Japan


Image: Flickr User Hollywata, licensed under Creative Commons.