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Did King have a bit of the Shine?

We know a lot of Stephen King's characters can shine, but did a little rub off on King? Henry Yau was staying at the Stanley Hotel when he decided to take a quick snap. It is this hotel where the idea for the famed book "The Shining" was first created. Yau captured a haunting image when he attempted to take a panoramic picture. Click here to see the photo!

The photo appears to have captured two apparitions standing on the staircase: a woman and her child.

This hotel is where Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha, stayed on the last night before closing for the winter. King was inspired to write the novel due to the strange feeling of being the only guests at a large hotel. The rumors of the hotel being haunted stretch back decades, and even promoted a visit from the show "Ghost Hunters".

According to the Stanley Hotel's website, the ghosts of F.O and Floral Stanley are still trying to the run the hotel from beyond the grave.

This photo is free under the Creative Commons public domain.