Your host, visiting the U.S. home of the Mothman in 2002. #TBT

In early 2002, one of my best friends was moving from Los Angeles to New York City and we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to visit the US home of The Mothman. The movie 'The Mothman Prophecies' had just come out and I was hooked on the story. We re-routed our trip to take us to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where in 1967 on December 15th at rush hour, the Silver Bridge collapsed, killing 46 people, 2 of whom where never found. The collapse was later attributed to the failure of a series of bolts in the super structure, but the months leading up to it where harrowing for the residents of Point Pleasant who kept seeing a strange flying creature that often harassed them. Additionally, one witness had an encounter with a man named Indrid Cold who said things telepathically to a him like, "Do not be afraid." and "My name is Cold. I sleep, breathe and bleed, even as you do."

Here I am in all my wonder, with my trusty text pager (which was easier to text with than my iPhone I might add), holding a piece of the now famous bridge.