Ep 87: Black Eyed Kids Part 1

“Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.”
William Shakespeare, The Tempest
LOCATION: Don't worry.  No matter where you are, the Black Eyed Kids will find you.


First, there's a knock.  A very persistent knock, at your door, at your car window.  Or maybe they stop you on a walk, on your way somewhere, when you're alone.  They're just kids, right? And who doesn't want to help out kids in need?  Except that these aren't like any kids you've met before.  They're not like any humans you've ever met before, because what humans have you seen that have completely all-black eyes and fill you with an inexplicable dread?  These kids don't want money (that's what humans want) and they really don't need to use your phone, even though that's what they mostly ask for.  No.  What they want is to get in.  Into your house, into your car, into your space, to be near you.  But, they need your permission first. Why?  What are the rules?  And what do they want when they get in?  What they want is the only thing you possess of any real value – your soul.  


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