Ep 92: The Yeti Part 2

“One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.” – – Loren Eiseley, from his book, "The Unexpected Universe"
LOCATION: The village of Pangboche, near a main Everest basecamp.


You've heard the eye-witness accounts of encounters with the Yeti, but can you believe them?  The DNA of supposed Yeti "evidence" has been tested, and it's hard to argue those results, but how do we know those bits were really from a Yeti as locals know it?  And speaking of what the locals know, the western world likes to take one answer and apply it to many questions, while the eastern world knows that there can be several answers to a question.  The locals also know what they saw when it comes to the question of the Yeti, and if they are right, and we combine that with the results from the scientific analysis, could there then be several correct answers as to what a "Yeti" really is?

Map showing locations of featured Yeti sightings, by ARC member Cody Rice

Map showing locations of featured Yeti sightings, by ARC member Cody Rice


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Yeti - The Ecology of a Mystery
By Daniel C. Taylor

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