Ep 82: The Hatem Files – Case #1

Richard Hatem   Debonair screenwriter, Bon Vivant, celebrated wit, casual philosopher, "Man of Letters" and The Most Interesting Man in the Astonishing Legends Studio   

Richard Hatem

Debonair screenwriter, Bon Vivant, celebrated wit, casual philosopher, "Man of Letters" and The Most Interesting Man in the Astonishing Legends Studio



"Could you make my Martini 'dirtier?'  Thanks!"
– Richard Hatem, Screenwriter

Approximate location of the Astonishing Legend Studio, a.k.a., "Blanket Forteana."
Interactive Google Map of reported "Chicago Mothman, Chicago Phantom, Owl Man, etc. etc. sightings.


Tonight's show is... well... we don't know what it is, frankly.  What we can tell you is that friend and screenwriter Richard Hatem stopped by the Astonishing Legends studio, we ordered pizzas, made more than a few "Dirty Martinis" (at Rich's resolute insistence, which he then sent back several times to the bar until they met with his exacting and cruel satisfaction) and talked with great ardor and exuberance about everything paranormal and supernatural from the sublime to the silly, and apparently, this is the result.  Oh, and we eventually talk about the recent spate of Moth-Owl-Bat-Man sightings in the Chicago, IL metropolitan area, which was the primary reason for inviting him over in the first place.  For those of you who can embrace a rollicking discourse as a fresh change of pace, please enjoy.  For those of you expecting more conventional and disciplined fare, please accept our apologies.  ; )


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