Ep 113: Roswelsh – The Berwyn Mountain UFO Incident


“One soldier, (under the pseudonym) James Prescott, was ordered to Llandderfel with four others and loaded two oblong boxes into their armoured truck. They then ferried the bodies back to the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down, under strict orders not to stop for anything" – Nick Redfern, paraphrased from his book, "Cosmic Crashes"



On January 23, 1974, villagers in the community of Llandrillo in the Edeirnion area of Denbighshire, northern Wales, experienced a tremendous jolt and noise a little after 8:30 p.m., akin to a magnitude 3.5 earthquake.  Highly strange, colored lights were seen over the surrounding hills at the same time.  Another unusual occurrence was that the British Military was immediately on the scene as if they were tracking the "geological event" in real time.  The official Ministry of Defence conclusion was that the event was caused by a simultaneous earthquake and meteor impact, with the meteor being the cause of the freakish light show.  However, a meteor impact that would cause a shock of that magnitude would have left a visible crater, which was not found.  And of course, there were reports by witnesses on the scene of the military carting off bodies and wreckage.  Does this sound familiar to you?  It did enough to some tabloid papers at the time who dubbed it, "The Roswelsh Incident."  What's your conclusion?


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Countless attempts have been made throughout history to solve unexplained mysteries. Believers of the weird and wonderful have always reached for their go-to weapon – belief. Skeptics have tried time and again to use science to disprove mystery. Running to hide and cry behind things like evidence and knowledge.

However, paranormal legends have repeatedly punched science squarely in the fact gland before giggling and running off to continue to remain unexplained.

'The Unexplainers' is a new paranormal investigation team. Two agents of intrigue who form the perfect combination of skeptical former P.E. teacher Mike Bubbins and once chart-topping comedy rap artist, and self-proclaimed anti-skeptic John Rutledge.

Together, they charge themselves with one mission - to thoroughly unexplain the unexplainable. Their quest is simple, chance of success unlikely, their dedication to the cause questionable.  But one thing, however, is clear - if there is anything out there that is unexplained, they will definitely find, or not find, any or some of answers. Possibly.


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