Ep 126: The Sallie House – Ghost in the Machine Part 4

Above image is an artist’s sculpture recreation of the threatening entity that Tony Pickman saw beside his bed


“I've never seen that house fail to produce, and I think it does that on purpose because it wants to bring people back.”

Taylor Pickman, in his interview with us from October of 2018


Video and Audio Clips


Scott’s reply to the “Swallow your soul” evP:




508 N. 2nd Street, the address of what’s become known as the notoriously haunted “Sallie House,” the most haunted house in the city of Atchison, in the most haunted city in Kansas, and possibly the most haunted town in the United States.



What we'd heard is that witnessing a single paranormal event can change one's life. What we know now is that this is true and often it happens when you're least expecting it. It also doesn't matter if the experiencer receives validation from others of their encounter because they don't need anyone to tell them what they experienced. On the other hand, we'd all like to share our stories with like-minded individuals, partly to gain some comfort in thinking that we've not gone insane and also to learn more about what happened to us. In that regard, tonight, in the final installment of our series on the Sallie House, we'll hear from our last two interviewees. First, Dr. Sean Daley, a professor of anthropology who has done extensive paranormal investigations at the Sallie House will discuss the overwhelming evidence he and his team have collected there. Next, we'll also hear from Taylor Pickman, whose parents Tony and Debra were on the receiving end of the most intense activity while living there. It appears that the house isn't done with them yet. Our experience at the Sallie House has been a milestone for us on this podcast, and whatever your feelings about this story, we hope that you'll continue this journey of exploration and understanding with us, with minds a little more open to the possibility of the impossible.


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Posted here by permission from the authors, Sean M. Daley and Ryan Goeckner, all rights reserved.


Josh Louis of H.O.P.E. Paranormal translates what he thinks he hears on our Track 10 EVP from the Sallie House.

Join H.O.P.E. on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hopeparanormal Spirit leads me to a Forensic Audio Expert who examines the DR60 recorder as Steve Huff and I conduct a Wild experiment with my Spirit Guide... #SpiritCommunication #Afterlife #Proof Steve Huff and I have been working together for the past 5 years finding there are many aspects of our journey similar.


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