Ep 131: The Betz Sphere Part 2


So the ball gets delivered back to her with something like a big manila folder. She opens the folder, and it's X-rays, and they are X-rays that show the inside of the ball, so it's the first time we see what we're looking at. –Paraphrased from a Betz family member’s interview with Astonishing Legends, January 2019


Location: Near Fort George Island, Florida

The approximate location where the Sphere was originally found in 1974. Note: the land in 1974 was mostly unpopulated and undeveloped and has since seen significant growth.



With every paranormal event or object, there are the questions of how did this happen or what was this thing? But the equally important issue is, how would this affect me? Because when something seemingly impossible happens, we have no context unless it had interaction with somebody. It becomes meaningful when we ponder the implications to our own human experience. As much as the Betz Sphere created a scientific mystery it also created a family story. Tonight, we're fortunate to present an exclusive interview with a member of the Betz family who was there to witness the entire ordeal and who has generously agreed to share their family story and set the record straight. Someone or something secretive created this sphere and while its operation and purpose remain unknown to the public, how it became known to the world and how that affected their lives is their story alone.


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