Ep 137: Loftus Hall Part 1

Above image courtesy of Aiden Quigley, current owner of Loftus Hall and author Chris Rush, All Rights Reserved.


“Here lies the body of Thomas Broaders.

Who did good and prayed for all.

And banished the Devil from Loftus Hall.”

– Epitaph on Father Thomas Broaders’ grave, 30 minutes north of the Hall in Horetown Cemetery, County Wexford



Loftus Hall is considered one of the most haunted residences in Ireland. But what made it that way? If you believe the local legend, it started when a mysterious stranger visited the Hall one dark and stormy night. During a game of cards, he would enchant the young mistress of the house. But with his true nature discovered, he would flee most violently and mystically, leaving the woman scarred for life. They would both routinely haunt the house since. If you believe the legend, then what drew the dark visitor to the Hall? Was it the fate of this noble family or could it have been the history of bloodshed on this land for a thousand years or more? Tonight, we examine the charmed, Irish history of Loftus Hall and the tale of a handsome devil who comes to call.



Loftus Hall  – a large country house on the Hook peninsulaCounty Wexford, Ireland. Originally, on that site stood Redmond Hall.


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