Ep 141: The Patterson-Gimlin Film Part 3

Above Image: A composite landscape from 5 frames of Copy #14 of the PGF, scan and composite by Bill Munns, on 3-22-2012. Here, Roger Patterson is shown making a plaster casting of a footprint at the Bluff Creek, CA site, the day of the encounter. All Bill Munns images copyrighted – for research use only. Original composite image enhanced and cropped by Astonishing Legends for presentation purposes.


“True believers still cling to the film as the most credible indication that something is out there, since at this writing thirty-six years have passed and definitive proof of a hoax has not surfaced.”

– Anthropologist David Daegling from his 2004 book, Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend.



When indirect evidence of an extraordinary event defies conclusive debunking, then the easier route for some critics is to attack the presenter of the evidence. Naturally and unfortunately, Roger Patterson's integrity and thus his credibility came under scrutiny and assault as a means of discrediting the film itself. Another common tendency in dealing with an incredible incident is to accept outright the allegations of a purported hoaxer or associate as a way of comfortably coping with a disturbing possibility which can then be safely set aside. In the case of the Patterson-Gimlin Film, there are two central claims that suit this purpose for those who doubt the film's authenticity. Bob Heironimus claimed he was the one who wore an ape suit for the film, given to him and made by Patterson. Philip Morris of Morris Costumes claimed he sold his standard gorilla costume to Patterson, who may have modified it for the filming. These assertions were enough for many to put the matter to rest, except one must consider that there are significant discrepancies between the details of the Heironimus and Morris stories, leading to an improbability that they were describing the same outfit. So, the question remains, between these three gentlemen, who do you believe, or rather, whose story is more comfortable for you to believe?



Researchers have re-located the site where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin had their encounter with “Patty” the Sasquatch, on the banks of Bluff Creek around 1:30 p.m. on Friday, October 20, 1967. Bluff Creek is a tributary of the Klamath River, about 25 logging-road miles northwest of the town of Orleans, in Del Norte County California. GPS coordinates provided by BIGFOOT’S bLOG website.


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Film Scans and Composites from Bill Munns

The following are scans of frames, composites and charts from Reels 1 and 2 of Roger Patterson’s footage, put together by Bill Munns, which can be found on his website here: http://www.themunnsreport.com/tmr_v2_design_005.htm All images copyrighted, for research purposes only.

A composite of #1 and #2 Panorama Composites, pieced together by Bill Munns

PGF Reel One Panorama #1

PGF Reel One Panorama #2

PGF Reel One Panoramas 3, 4 and 5

PGF Reel One Panorama #6

Head Shape Sequence Chart

Reference Chart #3 – Foot Walk Sequence

Composite scans of Jim McClarin walking Patty’s estimated path. Film copyright 1968 from John Green’s original footage, scans by Bill Munns, January 31, 2009. For research only.


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Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster
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