Ep 133: The Betz Sphere Part 4

The terrain pictured above is very similar and close to where the Betz Sphere was originally found. Photo courtesy of the Betz Family. Copyright 2019, Astonishing Legends, All Rights Reserved.


Wait a second Gerri, do you have a copy of the X-ray?”

“Do I ever, friend! I have the original! And from what I can tell, I’m not supposed to have it.”

– A Paraphrased exchange between Gerri and a Science Journalist and family friend who wrote an un-produced script about the Betz Sphere.


Link to the webpage showcasing the X-Rays of the Sphere:


Location: Near Fort George Island, Florida

The approximate location where the Sphere was originally found in 1974. Note: the area in 1974 was largely unpopulated and undeveloped and has since seen significant growth.



As we close this final chapter on the story of the Betz Sphere, we've all been given a rare and exclusive glimpse into what happens when an impossible object becomes known to the world. We've seen what can happen to a regular family that only sought to find answers about its purpose. We've seen how authorities and officials behave when they too are mystified about an item that most are satisfied to dismiss as discarded industrial junk; their public stance hiding personal and professional curiosity. We've seen how the news media tries to answer the questions we all have but falls short, leaving the real story untold and yet retold again and again with incorrect or incomplete information because that's all the public is allowed. Most importantly, we've all now seen inside this mystery but are once again reminded that when it comes to High Strangeness, the answers we receive we may not understand. In the end, what we can safely conclude is that the Betz Sphere may or may not have come from an alien world, but it was evidently created in a secret place the populace is not allowed to know.


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