Ep 136: Dyatlov Update #1


“Relatives, the media and the public still ask prosecutors to determine the truth and don't hide their suspicions that something was hidden from them.”

Russian prosecutor’s spokesperson, Alexander Kurennoi



Most everyone familiar with the tragedy of Dyatlov Pass believes that whatever mysterious and strange event occurred, not all of the details have been shared by the Russian government. Tonight, we speak with Keith McCloskey, author of two books about the subject, "Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident" and "Journey to Dyatlov Pass: An Explanation of the Mystery" who has also traveled to the site for his research. We'll hear about his hypotheses and the current state of his efforts to petition the Russian courts to reexamine the case and declassify any previously unreleased information. We first spoke with Keith for our coverage on the Flannan Isles Lighthouse mystery and trust that he will bring the same diligent investigation and keen observations into solving this unfortunate riddle once and for all.



Dyatlov Pass” on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl in the northern Ural Mountains of the Russian Federation.


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