Ghost Goes Antiquing

This one caught our attention, especially the shattering glass. Certainly not impossible to fake, but looks like a story worth exploring.

Watch: CCTV captures 'ghosts' haunting Yorkshire antiques shop

Owner of the Barnsley Antiques Centre in Yorkshire records apparent paranormal activity

Link to Original Article by Charlotte Kroll at The Telegraph (UK)

Video source Newsflare by dparker224

2:14PM BST 16 Oct 2014

CCTV cameras installed in an antiques shop purport to show some spooky paranormal happenings.

Footage captured in the Barnsley Antiques Centre appears to show pictures suddenly falling off walls and a glass cabinet shattering. A white mist and a glowing orb are also spotted hovering over the shop floor.

Shop owner Daniel Parker has been collecting videos of the unexplained accidents over the past year to support his theory that the premises is haunted by ghosts.


EDIT: A link to the store of course!!!!