Japanese Taxis are Picking Up Ghosts

Japanese taxi drivers have recently reported that they've been picking up the ghosts of 2011 Tsunami Victims. link

Over five drivers are coming forward with the similar claim that passengers have entered their vehicle...only to vanish into thin air before they reach their destination.

One driver described a passenger as, "a young woman dressed in a coat". She slid into the cab near Ishinmaki Station and asked him to go to the Minamihama district.

In response, the driver said that the district was "almost empty", double checking she actually wanted to heads to the desolate area.

She responded, in a trembling voice, "Have I died?".

Clearly shaken up, the driver turned around to look at her...but no one was there.

Another driver claims that a young mans stepped into his cab and asked to go to "Hiyoriyama mountain". The driver set off without a word, but quickly pulled over when he realized the passenger was no longer in the backseat.

These accounts have been complied by Tohoku Gakuin University socioogy student, Yuka Kudo. The data and stories will be used for her graduation thesis.