Siberian Researcher Sent on Search by a Phantom Girl

Museum workers in Krasnoyarsk were more than a little surprised when they were digitizing local photos from the early 20th century and found an identical figure in all of them. This wasn't a building, an animal, or a trick of the light. It was a solemn little girl, dressed in white, striking an identical pose in each shot. link

So far the girl has been found in, at least, 20 photos and 4 glass negatives. Researchers believe they were taking between 1906-1908, judging by the appearance of buildings in the photos.

They note that it is only with modern equipment that they are able to see the girl. As she is "rather small" Ilya Kuklinsky, a senior researcher says, "When we made high resolution scans and zoomed in, we saw her more closely along with the details of her clothes and hairstyle". They say that though she changes boots, stockings, and details of her outfit, "She is always in the same pose with the same facial expression. She never smiles. The fact that she changes her clothes makes me think the pictures were not taken in a single day. It was over a period of some time. But what was the aim?"

The museum, in hopes of locating her, have released a series of postcards pointing out the girl so that locals may help identify her.

They do have some theories, that the girl could be the photographer's daughter or niece. But, at the moment, they do not even know the photographer's name, just the initials "F.E.A".

As of this time, no one has come forward.