Like a good mystery? Help solve one happening now.

As of my posting of this, 12 people are missing in eastern Siberia, along with an Mi-8 helicopter. If Tomnod had been around when Amelia disappeared we might just have found her alive. We know there's nothing to feed the imagination like an unsolved mystery, but with most of those, at least at the outset, lives are at stake and people are worried about missing family and friends. If you have the inclination you can personally search for that needle in a haystack in your free time. Most people are doing something on their computers these days whenever they watch TV anyway. first came to our attention during the search for debris from MH370 which we did some active searching for. They make it pretty easy to get started.

Take a little time to visit their crowd-sourced website where you can actively go through satellite images and look for lost aircraft or illegal activities. It takes patience and a little bit of OCD, but I'm betting that many of our fans have one or both of those in spades. Right now they are looking for a lost helicopter in the Tyva Republic in Russia, as well as illegal fires being set in Sumatra.